To perceive is to understand

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Starting out from a defined strategy, and following a positioning process that resulted in the name Thinknovate, we strove to create a baseline and build a strong brand, a differentiated visual identity that would reflect its intimate, simple and human nature. We also sought to capture how the brand feels, acts and operates: characterised by an analytical but intuitive approach and forging relations based on change, growth and development in an expert and responsible manner.

Thinknovate is a new paradigm in innovation.

For the brand, innovation is not only a process or a task. It offers consulting and creative auditing, positioning and the development of innovation culture to nurture company values and to help companies grow to be efficient and sustainable.

One of the differential values is the importance of authentic and meaningful connections between the brand and the target audience. To this end, taking note of the emotional and human tone set by the brand is paramount.

The outcome of our work is the product of close collaboration with the founders, from the conception of the strategic platform to the creation of a visual and narrative identity, as well as developing the editorial content, the website and various communication formats.

Research conducted into typography revealed that Thinknovate is an ever-evolving living brand, which adapts to each moment and project. We therefore opted for the use of black and white in the photographs and colour palette, reflecting a way of thinking in which there can be no future without stressing the origin and being aware of the past as a means of understanding.