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Communication in the world of luxury is based on three pillars: brand authenticity, uniqueness and the experience that the consumer identifies with. That is why a jewel is designed, made and advertised differently to any other product of mass consumption.

A luxury item must be distinctive, elitist and exclusive. From its design to its communication, the product must be endowed with a sophisticated personality that awards emotional satisfaction and status.

With this in mind, Bagués/Masriera, a European jewellery firm for more than 175 years, entrusted us with creating the strategy and developing an international graphic campaign for the brand, to compete and stand out from the language used by the major players in the sector, which have greater investment power and means.

To this end, we created a differential and bold Ogilvy’s campaign, in which we show the jewellery in a non-conventional light, just conveying the feeling admiring the jewels provokes, thereby eschewing the advertising clichés used by the competition.