Silenceworks Identity

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Is built by a conceptual and visual language where the agency shares its motto “Silence becomes and transforms into creation”, intuitively looking beyond analysis, helping brands and businesses grow through transversal design and rigorous strategic thinking.

The creation of our identity is formed by a humanizing typographic logo that reflects the values, and company philosophy with which to create and develop projects with soul and quality.

For this, we have worked with a Serif family typeface, excellent for telling stories and connecting through the sensations it recalls. It has the body and the delicacy necessary to reflect the universe of Silenceworks, evoking associations of calm, reflection, high quality being actual and humanizing for a study / agency of Design and Branding.

The color palette is inspired by silence. Silence for Silenceworks is the color taupe, an intermediate shade between gray and dark brown that shares similar attributes of both colors.

Taupe: a brownish gray. It is stable and neutral, and in that silent immobility the color is generated. Just as creation is generated in silence, color arises from gray and ends in gray, life cycle, dialogue, continuity.
And in that creative silence everything is possible, nothing is what it seems to be.

Taupe and white combined in Digital platforms speak to us of silence, they wrap us with their structural rigor, remind us of the experience and solidity of the professional background and lead us towards a maximum quality in the creative future of Silenceworks projects.