Silence, Eau de Parfum

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Silence, eau de parfum was created as a qualitative and experiential action for self-promotion branding of our Agency, which was addressed to a small group of opinion leaders who could potentially become clients or prescribers, with the aim of opening new business opportunities for our brand.

This object was designed for presenting ourselves and inviting to feel the values ​​behind Silenceworks. Silence, eau de parfum, materializes the concept of silence through a product, packaging, branding, scent and experience while discovering the brand storytelling that is inside de case.

For us was essential to communicate in a subtle way, the concepts, values ​​and brand attributes in an experiential way, through this premium product that respond to a defined marketing and segmentation strategies.

Feel the silence.
Breathe and stop the mind. Close your eyes and perceive the scent connecting with something deeper of being and allowing an inner silence to come naturally.
It is not something alien to human nature: we are silence. The deepest and most authentic part of who we are, lives in silence. And from this calm space, we turn our eyes to ourselves, intuitively searching beyond analysis, generating transformation processes.
This is how Silenceworks, Brand & Design Studio was born and finds a place to turn “silence into creation”, designing and developing each project with passion and dedication, with the aim of helping to make brands and businesses grow through transversal design and a rigorous strategic thinking to express the best of themselves.
Let’s discover together the echo of the essential.

This action was developed as a limited edition of 50 boxes, made in case format with three-board lined throughout with custom-printed paper.  Inside an inner lid die-cut base to hold the perfume securely. All paper used is FSC approved, 100% recyclable.