Plant-Based Hair Colours

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Herbaal is the professional line of natural plant-based hair colours, created from plants native to India and the Middle East.

It is aimed at the more than 57% of consumers in search of products that contain natural ingredients and that have been produced in an eco-friendly manner. In this way plant-based hair colours become an alternative to aggressive chemical dyes that prove detrimental to hair health and sustainability.

The project encompassed the design of the creative and communication strategy, conceptualisation and naming. In this respect, the word Herbaal is the combination of the English word Her and the Hindi word Baal (meaning “hair”).

The simple typefaces and illustrations are built around a dot as the starting point; in turn, colour emerges from the dot.

To create and design the brand and its corporate identity or visual language, the graphics are clean and delicate, set against a white background with the colour of each plant taking centre stage in the packaging. The latter includes a first-rate container like flat barrier bags and external packaging in the form of a biodegradable cardboard pouch.

The design process resulted in sober pieces, simple and vibrant on account of their colours, which express organic and eco-friendly values as luxury habits.