René Barbier

Nothing Like

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This graphic campaign emerged from a commission from the Freixenet group for one of its most classic wines of French origin with more than 137 years of history. The goal was to promote the brand on an international scale.

The focus was clear: create a brand awareness and brand activation campaign to enhance the brand perception of the knowledge of the full range of products.

Brand awareness in qualitative offline printed media had a high rate of recognition that translated into commercial results. The next step was therefore to go to the point of sale, focussing on retail establishments in Europe’s major airports, where the most potential customers were found (70% foreigners).

As regards creativity, the use of photographs of portrait animals paired with the René Barbier wines in each category completely changed the perception of the brand that had until then been considered somewhat out-dated. The strength of the graphics lay in the clean white backgrounds and the brand stood out on the cork, as an element of visual identity.

Not showing the product was a strategic decision of this campaign created at Ogilvy. And we decided to focus on the universe of the imaginary and aspirational, pairing the brand with gourmet products.
The three prongs of the graphic campaign executed were:

Nothing better than a delicious fish to uncork a bottle of RENÉ BARBIER white wine.

Nothing better than a delicious boar to uncork a bottle of RENÉ BARBIER red wine.

Nothing better than a delicious turkey to uncork a bottle of RENÉ BARBIER rosé wine.