The invisible

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Building from zero the visual universe of an artist that has chosen alternative paths rather than the commercial usual circuit allowed us to create a unique, elegant and bold identity for her solo debut. Her work embraces music, vocal experimentation and performance. We have taken her work to a visual territory beyond music, towards the world of art.

The strategy began with the naming, proposing the artist to choose the only name MIRAS (her mother’s surname) which expresses wideness, projection, connection, and is also attractive and easy to remember.

The challenge was to portray the concept of “the invisible”, that is the title of her art piece, into a tangible, overwhelming and light at the same time visual language. We got inspiration from a quote by the artist Yves Klein, who claimed that “the blue is the invisible becoming visible”, as it is a colour that contains immaterial values beyond what can be seen or touched.

The album’s cover –500 units limited and numbered edition– is painted by hand, one by one, creating different textures and nuances of the blue, to stand out the sensorial experience, present in MIRAS’ music. The spirit of mystery and depth of her work has been reinforced through the photo shoot we made for the promotional posts and launch campaign (social networks, email marketing, posts, posters, press kit, advertising…). She appears painted in blue, except her hair, embodying an enigmatic and also close being. Provoking curiosity for who and what are behind.

Photopraphy: Marian Gumà