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Kōan is an independent publishing house set up in Barcelona in 2018, aimed at a profile of readers in search of self-knowledge and personal development.

It explores topics from vitality and the path as a journey to creativity, freedom and reflection on theories of philosophy, psychology, health and spirituality.

But what is kōan? Kōan is a sort of riddle in the Zen tradition that does not have to be solved. It seeks to trigger a change in mind-set, shedding light along the way so that the right questions arise and so that knowledge, personal evolution and the beginnings of the enlightenment process come about in the pursuit of answers.

The logo, clean and endowed with character, is formed by two strokes: K-A-N, as continent and Ō as content. It conveys a brand that alludes to intimacy, light and darkness, with a flexible nature, courageous and dynamic as well as thoughtful, in order to gradually find that wisdom to live well.

The website design considers the very simplicity and honesty of the brand in alluding to its books, going to the core of the titles it offers. White and the space it exudes play a primordial role in highlighting the intelligent content offered by the publishing house.