1520 Organic Chocolate

Gourmet Limited Edition

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“1520 Organic Chocolate Limited Collection”, limited-edition gourmet and select organic chocolates, came into being in 2015. This selection of products is made with carefully selected fair trade ingredients from Ecuador, Madagascar and Peru. A way to travel through history, not based on tradition but on flavour.

Its processes are artisanal from the cocoa bean to the final product, offering classic and essential flavours. Its limited production is based on a commitment to traditional methods and the use of 100% biodegradable paper in the packaging. The same coherence applies to sustainable and eco-friendly production processes to reduce the impact on the environment.

1520 (brand owned by the Hunt family company with headquarters in the city of London) was the year in which the trade route between America and Europe began, with the introduction of cocoa – among other ingredients – that gradually became known. The name is a tribute to cocoa and its multiple textures.

Its visual identity and minimalist packaging draw a line connecting 495 years between the past and the present, between product and technology, between flavour and innovation.