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Ancient Wisdom Collection

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Kōan publisher commissioned us the Art Direction and cover Design for the new editorial collection about ancient wisdom.

These books in 10.5 x 15 cm format are small jewels that have a new Spanish translation, which adapts classic authors such as Cicero, to our time. “The art of cultivating true friendship” is full of timeless reflections by Dante or Saint Augustine that have inspired readers for over two thousand years. Seneca’s teachings on anger have never been more relevant than today.
Whether readers are interested in their own personal development, they will find in Cicero’s words such inspiring thoughts around our most appreciated relationships. Or find in Seneca’s wisdom a valuable antidote to the sickness of an angry age.

The design of the covers continues with the brand’s minimalist graphic line. We maintain Kōan’s typography as our own element to communicate and use color as a vital axis to form the palette, which will grow as new titles are added to the collection.

For “The art of cultivating true friendship” yellow speaks to us about understanding, maturity and kindness. Throughout history, yellow has been closely associated with the sun, which encourages people. It is the color of platonic appreciation and love, without the romantic subtext of other colors. This warm hue represents feelings of joy and delight. It is the color of eternal values.

For “The Art of Keeping Calm” orange represents the color of lighting and perfection. It symbolizes the courage to transform emotions through inner work. No other color symbolizes transformation better than orange. Yellow and red are opposed, but they are also related, they belong to each other like fire and light, like the senses and the spirit.