Mathereal Color

SS/2019 Collection – Blending Fruit III

  • Color Palette
  • Materials Development

Folia & Bitter is part of this collection, the basis of which is formed by biomimetics or biomimicry. It is designed from the natural and structural pigments of fruit and vegetables, processing their fibres to transform them into new materials that convey their essence and express the organicity of a possible new material or fabric.

This piece from the SS/2019 collection melts the boundaries of the manner in which the fibres and materials can transmit sensations, through their transformation, with hybrid techniques based on the circular economy and sustainability.

Mathereal Color is a living project. We study colour, designing chromatic-material proposals based on nature and science, focussing on experimentation within innovation, creativity and sustainability processes.

The exploration of colour and specific materials during given periods of time has allowed us to delve into their composition, their properties and their behaviour, introducing a creative perspective to new and possible product applications.

One of Mathereal’s goals is to find ways to translate research into visually appealing manifestations. To tell the story of the experimental process and thus demonstrate the unleashed potential that these new materials may have to contribute to a more sustainable future.  

The two annual collections seek to understand colour as matter and matter as colour. From there we engage in exploring new materials and textures taking trends and insights into account, and identifying the opportunities that specialised knowledge thereof could generate for the respective fields of design, fashion and architecture.