• Art
Dag Erik Elgin shifting trends in art theory

Dag Erik Elgin’s work reflects an ongoing investigation of shifting trends in art theory and art history as well as a vital engagement with issues and debates im into the history of painting, modernist ideals and contemporary visual culture. He is concerned with establishing a practice where the specific physical qualities of painting, historical analysis and personal production are constantly negotiated.

  • Landscape
  • Nature
Kim Wilkie The Green Pharaoh

Each place has its own special character and identity – a continuous conversation between the physical form and the lives lived and shaped within it. As a landscape architect I try to understand the memories and associations embedded in a place and the natural flows of people, land, water and climate”.
After 25 years of running his own practice, Kim works as a strategic & conceptual landscape consultant collaborating with architects and landscape architects around the world.

  • Film
Michael Langan Experimental cinema beyond the limits

Michael Langan is an American independent filmmaker, he creates short films that mix live animation and action, inspired by the pioneers of cinema such as Eadweard Muybridge and Norman McLaren. His innovative work has been praised as “confusing and fascinating” by The New York Times.
He has directed commercials for clients such as Nike, Samsung and Pepsi.

  • Art
Jordi Díaz Alamà, the courage of classical art

Jordi Díaz Alamà, artist, director of the Barcelona Art Academy and Painting Prize of the Vila Casas Foundation (2016), is a young painter freed from the tyranny of “fashions”, which claims that figurative art has not gone out of style and it will never happen, because it conveys a message that everyone recognizes.

  • Music
Carlos Arcieri, the best Luthier in the world

This great Colombian artisan has his workshop in New York. Master of his trade, for four decades he has been stroking and repairing Stradivarius, Guarneris and other string jewels that he also manufactures. The violins of famous artists such Szymon Golberg, Tossy Spivakovsky, Joseph Fusch, Nathan Milstein, Zara Nelsova or Pinchas Zucherman have passed through his hands. He’s regular contributor to the NY Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Museum and the Julliard School of Music.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation
The animator that unites into one concept, the classic with the modern

Alberto Mielgo is an Art Director and animator, winner of 3 Emmys for The Witness of Netflix’s ‘Love, Death & Robots’ series.
His collaborations for the production of films have become masterpieces; Corpse Bride of Tim Burton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 and 2 and Tron Uprising of Disney for which he received an Emmy and an Annie Awards.

  • Fashion
Emilio de la Morena Designs inspired by Henry Moore, Chillida or Jean Arp

Chillida abstract artwork infused the collection of Emilio de la Morena, most obviously in the mise-en-scène in which it was shot. Taking inspiration from the state of Francis Bacon’s studio where Bacon said: “I feel at home here in this chaos because the chaos suggests images to me”—Morena littered his own studio with artistic chaos and invited his models to pose as if for a painting.

  • Film
  • Nature
‘Aquarela’, a deeply journey around the shapes of water

The protagonist is water in all its forms and the human being is secondary, with climate change as a backdrop in this film by Viktor Kossakovsky.
Stunning scenes at 96 frames per second, which achieve a slow motion effect wich is the narrative thread for a story in which virtually only the liquid element speaks.
“Water is a most complex character, deserving of a film of its own. It has enormous beauty, but at the same time it is a dangerous presence; it inspires peace, but it can be deadly”.