• PhotoDesign
Aerial shots of sea salt production

Tom Hegen, the german photographer and designer focused on aerial photography projects that show impact of human presence on earth and the relationship between man and nature.

  • Art
Louise Bourgeois, conscious and unconscious artworks

The imagery in her work was wholly autobiographical and a form of catharsis. Her art went across sculptures in a wide range of media: unique environments, or ‘cells’, in which she combined traditional marble and bronze sculptures alongside the everyday objects imbued with a strong emotional charge (furniture, clothes and empty bottles); prints and drawings; and hand-stitched works made of fabric. 

  • Photography
Through a lens of deep compassion

Pierre Gonard’s portraits are compared with paintings by great masters of painting such as Veermer, Caravaggio or Velázquez.
His photographs are large format and with a dark, neutral and abstract background with the intention of eliminating the context in which the image is captured. His works are almost always close-ups of unknown characters that border on marginality.

  • Architecture
Camp Adventure Park Tower by Effekt

The 900m treetop walk connected to a 45 meter tall observation tower was designed by Copenhagen based architects Effekt.

  • Dance
Vertikal. Defying gravity

Mourad Merzouki, one of the best and most innovative choreographers in Europe, defies the laws of gravity and challenges his dancers to conquer the vertical. In a spectacular flight of adventure and passion they explore space, plunge down to earth and rise again, searching for lightness and discovering weightlessness.

  • Fashion
Iris Van Herpen

Dutch designer of couture formed in the studio of Alexander McQueen before opening his own firm, Iris Van Herpen is a pioneer in the use of 3D printing techniques applied to the world of fashion.

  • Art
Toshihiko Hosaka

“Full Page Editorial” sand sculpture called: ‘voice of the sea news’ made by this amazing sculptor implores Japan to Reduce Plastic.

  • Illustration
Edel Rodriguez, a creative chameleon

Inspired by personal history, religious rituals, politics, memory, and nostalgia, his bold, figurative works are an examination of identity, cultural displacement, and mortality.