• Art
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Immersive visual and sounds experiences

ouchhh is a multidisciplinary creative center focused on new interactive media platforms, kinetic sculpture, immersive experiences and video-mapping projections. Their works are multi-sensory experiences that combine video, sound, light, architecture and interaction.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Music
Explosive collaboration from a distance

Social distancing as an accelerator of cooperation can serve as an impetus for international cooperation. For the techno label Detroit Underground, Joëlle Snaith, Christoph Grünberger and Florian Renner came up with the creation of a video while working remotely, that reflects the confinement situation that prevailed in April 2020.

  • Art
Subversive tribute to design classics

Kostas Lambridis is a young emerging artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain and the UTA Artist Space. His work is a mix of techniques that redefines the value of materials including bronze, ceramic, embroidery, molten plastic, stone, concrete, plaster, glass and ceramics.

  • Experiential
Stained Moons. a light installation and dark sky experience

James Plumb discovered beautiful abandoned and derelict glass-houses and became obsessed with the lichen and algae on the glass panels – a natural expression of time – it became a precious material them. Light projections through glass create silhouettes that evoke the lunar surface – as symbol of chronology – the moon is an anchor of time exhibited at Mussenden Temple. ¨Silence leaves space to focus our attention on our place – and time – in the world.¨

  • Colour
  • Fashion
Robotic Clothing respond to colours & light spectrum

Ying Gao designs robotic silicone, glass and organza clothing, and adds electronic devices to create dynamic changing pieces that react to the surrounding color spectrum.
The collection, entitled “‘ flowing water, standing time “captures the essence of movement and how the different energies flow through the garment, reflecting colors in your immediate environment.

  • Nature
  • Science
the coral: an indoor micro-algae farm

The Coral is an indoor microalgae farm designed by Hyunseok An. This wall-mounted bioreactor provides a sustainable source for personal consumption. Through its simple process of cultivation and harvesting, The Coral allows us to access this food resource at home and consume algae, a sustainable alternative supply of nutritional diets.

  • Film
What exactly is beautiful? A particular sensory experience

In her first short film, French director Marine Billet questions our constant search and obsession with beauty limitations. In it she shows a young woman who remembers the simple moments that she has had in her personal search to find the meaning of beauty.

  • Fashion
Haider Ackermann Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection

On shade of gray and influenced by cultural differences, Ackermann’s fashion contrasts and blends dress codes. The simple cuts of his creations are often asymmetric and sewn of different materials, resolutely modern, dynamic and urban areas, using the resources of the high and low culture, developing type clothing streetwear featuring feminine silhouettes sophisticated and refined.