• Colour
  • Sculpture
extra-ordinary & Cutting-edge craftsmanship

Limited editions or avant-garde crafts. Complex research processes and the deconstruction of materials are the constants in the work of the designer duo Fredrikson Stallard. Their objects catch the eye from calm and silence. They radiate light, change color, and absorb movement into sculptures.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation
A zoo with so much diversity that looks like a planet

Ueno Planet is the new image design of the Tokyo Ueno Zoo, consisting of web, posters and brochures. Misawa employs a reduced palette consisting mainly of different green shades with white, used alone to represent animals and architectural structures. Plants and trees are carefully described through a schematic amount of detail, generating a rich minimalist ecosystem.

  • Art
  • Film
  • Illustration
Ignasi Monreal. When art communicates fashion

He is multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona and currently based in Rome who works in both traditional and digital media, mixing contemporary and classic elements. With allusions to the masters of the past. But with a very characteristic baroque and luxurious style both in content and form. This artist works for an impressive list of clients such as Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Four Season, …

  • Art
  • Product
“Crafted binds together, Design and crafts or handwork”

Crafted Design defines the way of working of Andreu Carulla Studio, to be intuited: slow, thoughtful, hand-worked and an intuitive. In short, they are artisans of product design.
With materiality, craftsmanship and sustainability as goals, Andreu creates beautiful objects with timeless design. His constant exploration of materials, old-school techniques and contemporary processes characterise his studio projects, which include furniture, tableware, lighting, fashion, interiors.

  • Dance
  • Music
Hania Rani. A magnetic and meditative dance for her debut album, Esja

Her music is about feelings, the general atmosphere, sometimes memories.  In her own words: “I find that what really inspires my music is not the music, but all the other things. I take inspiration for the form of my own pieces from architecture and design. It’s often an image or a colour that comes first”, what she calls a sound image. “I can really feel the colours, the mood – just like with photography. If the image is strong enough, sounds come along very quickly, trying to build the right image stuck in my head.”

  • Colour
  • Experiential
Limitless Light & Space

Over five decades, Doug Wheeler has pioneered the art of light and space. His work powerfully explores the way we perceive “empty” space—the way light can affect our perception and make emptiness feel full and dense. Since child, he developed a passion for the intensity and stillness of vast expanses becoming the DNA of his works with controlled use of light, and sometimes sound, producing a sensate impression of infinite spaces. By dematerializing the architecture he transforms rooms into abstract worlds.

  • Photography
  • Sculpture
Melancholic sculptures of everyday objects

Kaori creates sculptural installations, copies meticulously created by hand of everyday objects in white stoneware. These disturbing facilities offer a contemporary vision of still lifes and portraits of the Old Masters of painting.

  • Colour
  • Product
The possibilities of time

Trace is a clock that visualizes the passage of time leaving a trace of color as time passes. It uses a light-sensitive liquid solution that is activated by UV laser. Its objective is to show the connection that exists between the past, present and future in a meditative and poetic way.