• Fashion
Emilio de la Morena Designs inspired by Henry Moore, Chillida or Jean Arp

Chillida abstract artwork infused the collection of Emilio de la Morena, most obviously in the mise-en-scène in which it was shot. Taking inspiration from the state of Francis Bacon’s studio where Bacon said: “I feel at home here in this chaos because the chaos suggests images to me”—Morena littered his own studio with artistic chaos and invited his models to pose as if for a painting.

  • Film
‘Aquarela’, a deeply journey around the shapes of water

The protagonist is water in all its forms and the human being is secondary, with climate change as a backdrop in this film by Viktor Kossakovsky.
Stunning scenes at 96 frames per second, which achieve a slow motion effect wich is the narrative thread for a story in which virtually only the liquid element speaks.
“Water is a most complex character, deserving of a film of its own. It has enormous beauty, but at the same time it is a dangerous presence; it inspires peace, but it can be deadly”.

  • Experiential
London department store Selfridges’ Silence Room

The idea came from its founder, around 1909 who installed a similar space, and in 2013 came true as part of the No-noise Campaign. This silent room was about taking a moment; having the chance to sit and think without so much outside interference. Even the customer was having fun at the iconic store, was receiving a serious message.
“It’s a chance to turn the volume down on London. As an experiment to see how people react when they’re taken away from their gadgets and forced to be silent”.

  • Architecture
“Under”, europe’s first underwater restaurant by Snøhetta.

“Under”, the world’s largest underwater restaurant & marine research centre at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline is a natural progression of Snøhetta’s experimentation with boundaries.

Outdoors, dark waves pound and fizz against the concrete shell where the sea storms from the north and south meet providing a tribute to the wild fauna. Inside, however, the oak-clad foyer is calm, resonant in its silence.

  • Colour
Into spatial research, geometry & motion patterns

Olafur Eliasson, a danish-icelandic artist known for sculptures, large-scale installation art, painting, photography and film employing elemental materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer’s experience.

  • Film
Infinite Silence: A visual poem for Adidas.

 In a short film for Adidas, German writer/director & filmmaker Max Luz and UK poet/rapper Kojey Radical speak to the need for genuine human connection in the internet era. The two artists come together over the subject of mental health, an issue very close to both of them, to encourage a dialogue through their cinematic poem.

  • Photography
The nature of Giseok Cho

Using flowers and colour, this photographer documents his generation of Koreans. Giseok’s portfolio features a few consistent elements. A soft use of light, accompanied by washes of colour. And, flowers of all shapes and sizes, dictating the aura of an image.

  • Architecture
  • Sculpture
Between land, art, architecture, structure & sculpture

Massive earthen sculptures form part of the new Tippet Rise Art Center, a vast performance venue and park in a remote area of Montana, USA.
Tippet Rise is the union of land, art, architecture and music, bringing concerts by world-renowned musicians and large-scale contemporary sculpture to the hilltops and meadows of Fishtail.
The design firm Ensamble Studio created 3 permanent installations producing a pure & direct emotional impact.