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Haute Papier

Bea Szenfeld is a Polish designer, who works with paper and cardboard with which it gives life to wonderful designs. Her collections are all made by hand without using any kind of machine in the manufacturing process. She only uses materials like knives, scissors and glue. Her passion for the animal world influences in that her pieces are representations of different skins. Feathers, hair and scales … fabrics as organic coatings.

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A mission to help build a future full of life on earth

Interstellarlab with a team of engineers and scientists is developing and building closed-loop villages as well as the environment controlled systems and life support technologies that are needed for a regenerative life. The company combines architecture, engineering, product design and science. The team collaborates with international universities and institutes in scientific research in environmental science, agriculture, biochemistry, geophysics, biophysics, planetary sciences, anthropology and psychology.

  • Photography
Existential new experiences

Society will become more existential and contemplative, with explorations of self & identity. Murray Fredericks’s work is derived from a perspective that views culture as something that cannot be wholly accounted for through social construct. It’s a view that sees some values as derived from a ‘time-less essence’. The work attempts to represent the experience when thought is temporarily suspended and the mind encounters ‘other’.

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An experimental way of interacting with food

This project offers a future vision on the dining room, that eliminates the need to use dishes; instead, the table itself becomes the object on which food is served. Using vacuum technology and a touch-sensitive material, the table surface automatically forms bowls or plates in response to the shape or weight of the food being placed.

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“Leaving The Grid” Expansive sound landscapes

Alan Myson producer and DJ better known as Ital Tek in his latest work “Leaving The Grid”, transports us to a state of cosmic sleep from grainy atmospheres and distorted low electronic rhythms.

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Reconfigurable and reusable architecture

The pavilion designed by institute for computational design and construction is the result of 10 years of research in granular materials designed for architecture whose potential lies in its ability to be reconfigurable and reusable. The inspiration for this pioneering technology comes from nature, the way large granular masses such as sand or snow are formed through cycles of erosion and accretion.

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The desire to connect people with nature.

Cypraea, is a Mauritius based company that combines design with nature in perfect harmony. With a naturalistic and sustainable vision and not associated with fashion or trends.
The Odyssey collection aims to surprise and to astound through the contrast between the natural elements and man-made materials that merge into one another, without ever blending.

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Wool portraits for combat the confinement

Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo has created a series of wool portraits based on his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Made with such soft materials that make them delicate and vulnerable, bringing to the faces a feeling of warmth and intimacy.