• Architecture
  • Landscape
Landscape’s Steel Bubbles

Wrapped in a mirrored metal skin, Hutong Bubble 32 at first it appears to be an alien creature, but it doesn’t stop from being a visionary proposal for tissue revitalization of Beijing historical urban landscape. But at the same time, it reflects the surrounding wood, brick and vegetation demonstrating that the past and the future can coexist in a harmonious way.

  • Art
  • Sculpture
Sculpture’s Woman of Steel

Carol Bove is known for her work that constantly challenges and expands the possibilities of formal, technical and conceptual abstraction. Characterized by compositions of various types of steel, she creates abstract assemblies, and combines them, in different permutations. The luminous color is applied to parts of the composition, transforming the steel, most commonly associated with inflexibility and weight, into something that appears malleable and light, such as clay, cloth, or crumpled paper.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Music
Sounds of the Earth: the Pandemic Chapter

Pentagram Studio partner and sound designer Yuri Suzuki has created a new piece of art, whose goal is to capture the sounds of the pandemic around the world. This work invites people from any country to send their sounds to become part of the digital artwork, which will be assigned to a virtual representation of the globe according to location in which it is captured.

  • Product
Design is not just about use & functionality

Founders Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto create works that are between a minimalist design and a little naughty. Their job requires the viewer to do
a pause and reflect on how we interact with everyday objects from an imaginative perspective.

  • Art
Magical minimalist surrealism

Petecía Le Fawnhawk, is a multidisciplinary artist who goes from drawing, collage to land art and video. Her work is driven by creativity and guided by intuition, a very powerful combination due to the fact that she is self-taught. Whatever the medium, her work is distinguished by a magical and surreal minimalism.

  • Fashion
  • Product
outward expression of inner identity

Today, identity is constantly on the move, reflecting our inner and outer state. Japanese hairdresser and artist Tomihiro Kono released his new book “People 111” which examines our true self or personality through wigs. The wigs, modeled by photographer Cameron Lee Phan, demonstrate the particular power that hair has in shaping our perception of an individual’s character. “Wearing a wig also enables us an instant transformation” writes Kono.

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Science
The plastic representation of consciousness

Greg Dunn, a neurologist and plastic artist, realized that it was possible to take a photograph of the neural activity of our brain and turn it into a micro-engraving.
This technique consists of the use of microscopes and the knowledge of neurology in which the flashes that are seen are then processed by an engineer who makes their printing possible.

  • Art
  • Gastronomy
  • Product
Amazing 3D pastry Art

Dinara Kasko’s creativity arose from the very limitations offered by traditional molds. She decided to take up her profession as an architect and design her own designs with 3D printers. The result are desserts with organic shapes inspired by nature, mineral world, origami figures or contemporary art.