• Colour
Limitless Light & Space

Over five decades, Doug Wheeler has pioneered the art of light and space. His work powerfully explores the way we perceive “empty” space—the way light can affect our perception and make emptiness feel full and dense. Since child, he developed a passion for the intensity and stillness of vast expanses becoming the DNA of his works with controlled use of light, and sometimes sound, producing a sensate impression of infinite spaces. By dematerializing the architecture he transforms rooms into abstract worlds.

  • Photography
Melancholic sculptures of everyday objects

Kaori creates sculptural installations, copies meticulously created by hand of everyday objects in white stoneware. These disturbing facilities offer a contemporary vision of still lifes and portraits of the Old Masters of painting.

  • Colour
The possibilities of time

Trace is a clock that visualizes the passage of time leaving a trace of color as time passes. It uses a light-sensitive liquid solution that is activated by UV laser. Its objective is to show the connection that exists between the past, present and future in a meditative and poetic way.

  • Art
Each piece is a one-off with a unique, Spontaneous energy

Jochen Holz is a glass artist whose innovative employment of lampworking–a form of glassblowing used primarily to make scientific equipment–is repurposing the technique in the art world.

  • Fashion
The most avant-garde hatter

Philip Treacy is the most creative hat and headdress designer in the world, he is responsible for the modernization of an accessory condemned to disappear; not only has given new life to headdresses and hats (also for men) but he has reinvented them thanks to an intelligent combination of surreal extravagance, british etiquette and countercultural transgression.

  • Science
Who discovered the closest planet to Earth outside solar system?

Guillem Anglada- Escudé, scientist & professor of astrophysics at Queen Mary University in London, led the team that discovered the planet closest to Earth outside the solar system, which could also be habitable. And whose finding constitutes a paradigm shift in people’s minds.

  • Film
Parasite, master satire of the class struggle

The South Korean film Bong Joon-ho awarded La Palma de Oro in Cannes, (unanimously, according to the jury), presents us a family with all its members unemployed and living in a basement. They don’t even have Wi-Fi, which in an ultratechnological country like South Korea is equivalent to being absolute pariah. When the bright son achieves a job as an English teacher for a teenager of high society, the family will plan how to enter the house to participate in abundance.

  • Product
The furniture that reinvents everyday life

Marc Morro defines himself as a furniture maker, and his pieces like him, speak an honest, comfortable and easy language. The beauty of everyday life and the simplicity of things are part of his soul.