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Beauty simplicity

THEY New York has a passion for minimalist design that captures both functionality and subtly sophisticated aesthetics. His designs encompass the purest forms of nature: the circle, square and triangle, and the energy of each shape, with the aim of bringing art into contact with everyday life.

  • Photography
Ethereal photography

Ayoto Ataraxia, also known as Paul Jung, is a photographer who perfectly balances the opposition between a search for deep ideas and a Aesthetics stripped to the minimum. Always looking for something that describes the negative space, the non-space around of the objects, a form of vivid and poetic geometry.

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Experience music as a composer

Magne is record player reinvented by the company Danish Bergman. The product borrows its name, of Thor’s son in Norse mythology. Designed with a minimum geometry, each metal part and component complement each other as they cut each other with great precision at 90-degree angles, eliminating any unnecessary decorative element.

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In search of freedom

This short film by visual artist Casper Faassen, in collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Marne van Opstal, seeks out isolated beauty, fear, hope and freedom. Freedom in isolation. Choosing the church of El Pieterskerk as stage, because it was the home of the Pilgrim Fathers, who 400 years ago changed Leiden for America in search of that freedom.

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In the presence of the sound of nature

A group of interior design and architecture students has built three giant wooden megaphones in the forests of Estonia. It is a large scale acoustic installation that amplifies the sounds of the forest. It is a place to explore the “book of nature”, to hear and read the forest through sound.

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“You and I”, an album about love and mortality

Suddenly is the new album from the Canadian musician and producer Dan Snaith (Caribou). The theme starts with his unmistakable voice on synthesizers, adding touches of multicolored groove accompanied by distorted voices, luminous choruses and twisted electric guitars.

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A door to ancient knowledge

Michael Debus’ book “Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist” uses philosophy to unravel the wisdom transmitted in the form of myths and legends.
Through the cover, it tries to represent the idea of multiple doors of knowledge that appear and they are opened by thought.

  • Photography
Visual stories from Delhi

Far from the animated crowds, this Bangladeshi photographer highlights individuals, capturing the locals in their daily lives. Creating moments that allows viewers to see the everyday world as a place to dream and appreciate the simple beauty that surrounds us.

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