Claudia Burbano de Lara



Claudia graduated with honours, majoring in Integral Design at the Architecture, Design and Arts College of the Catholic University of Ecuador.

Master’s Degree in Design and Project Management at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, part of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Claudia also has Postgraduate Degrees in Design & Communication Strategies, Direction and Management in Design and Arts and Design in New Exhibition Formats.

Her professional career as Art Director started more than 17 years ago. In the last 5 years she has also been dedicated to colour and innovation consulting, for Design, Fashion and Architecture trends’ forecasting, studying in the NCS Academy. She is also part of the trends, colour and materials platform called Color Community, a Gratacós sponsored work in progress project.

Before founding Silenceworks, her latest challenge was the recent collaboration with elBullifoundation, as Art Director, working hand in hand with Ferran Adrià in the design of LABulligrafía, a museum archive based on the creative methodology developed in elBullirestaurante.

She was Creative Director and Head of Design at several companies related to the Barcelona Tech City Cluster and Living Social Company (Amazon).

In Ogilvy Barcelona, as Art Director, she worked in Brand Activation, Corporate Identity, Digital Design, Strategic Behaviour Transformation, Experiential and Retail Design.

MANGO, Telefónica, Bacardi, Coca Cola, Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotels, Apple and Liceu Opera Barcelona have been amongst her main clients.

She has been awarded a World Silver Award in the New York Festival and a FIAP Gold Award, Best Online Store & Webshop in the Spain ecommerce Awards.

She has been Professor of Colour Theory, Graphic Design and Communication, Visual Identity and Service Design at the Architecture, Design and Arts College of the Universidad Católica del Ecuador. She also taught Creativity, New Products Development and Food Packaging at Universidad San Francisco de Quito.