Silence, the source of Creativity

In silence we look inside ourselves.
It is the space where intuition and reason meet, leading to meaningful creative processes.

Silence is Creation.

We are

Silenceworks is an Independent Brand & Design Agency based in Barcelona, it’s a place with a personal touch, within which we reflect, analyse and develop global communications for the brands we work with, based on strategy, creativity and design, taking into account the latest patterns and consumer trends.

Our goal is to add value and discover new business opportunities for our clients. We do this by connecting them with their core target; bringing together strong strategic drivers, insights, creativity and design for brands to display their best qualities and make a real connection, with real people.

What & how we do

We create: Visual Design / Strategy / Branding / Digital Design / Naming / Print Works / Narratives / Product Design / Motion / Environments/ Advertising

We build brands using a multidisciplinary approach from all possible angles, identifying the most important need for each project and activating the step-by-step strategic process as the foundation for each project.

We work together with our clients, because we like it better. We work on the brand essence, define, position and personify their business, making brands more desirable and more exciting. We achieve this with concepts that communicate their business values and a perfectly tuned voice that has its own personality, based on the strategic positioning that is previously set up.